Sunflower Day School is a place your children will run to!! The question, “Do we have school tomorrow?” is asked with excitement! A place where friendships are made and relationships are cultivated. Sunflower Day School is much more than your child’s first school. It is a precious place where a wonderful teacher sits and changes lives! Both my girls had the pleasure of attending Sunflower Day School. This curriculum-based program gave my girls the foundation that helped them excel in kindergarten and well beyond. The love that surrounds Sunflower Day School helps develop amazing character traits that are lifelong! Sunflower Day School is truly the most beautiful, most precious gift that you can give to your child!

Jessica G. (Jillian & TeresaRose)

If you are thinking of enrolling your child in preschool....look no further. Sunflower Day School is the place for your child to bloom in ways you never imagined. I had the privilege of having my two granddaughters attend this school. They both learned an abundance of life skills. My two girls were surrounded by love daily. This school gave them the confidence to be with other children. They not only learned the skills of problem solving they learned it in a respectful way. Our children were very prepared for Kindergarten academically and socially. The Golden Rule was always encouraged.

Every day started with a gigantic hug and smile from Miss Rachel. She has the ability to light up everyone's day (including parents and grandparents). My granddaughters still talk about the wonderful days at Sunflower Day School and wish they were still there! Our family trusted Miss Rachel's judgement on all levels of nurturing and educating. She makes each child feel special everyday. It's a good sign when it is pick up time and your child wants to stay longer!

By attending Sunflower Day School you will be giving your child a lifetime of pleasant, loving childhood memories that will impact their lives for years to come. Plant your seeds at Sunflower Day School and soon a beautiful garden will thrive.

Rita B. (grandparent of Sunflower students)

Our son attended Sunflower Day School for 3 1/2 years, more than 10 years ago and Miss Rachel still feels like a part of our family. She is a truly gifted teacher who easily connects with children, bringing tremendous enthusiasm, warmth and joy to her teaching. Not only did our son learn foundational concepts for his future school years, but invaluable social skills like empathy and compassion. Thank you Miss Rachel for the amazing preschool experience you provided our son!

Jill & Oivind M. (Daniel)

Rachel and Sunflower Day School were more than a school and teacher to our son and our family. It was a home away from home and Rachel was extended family. The education was not only personalized and excellently executed, but fun and relational. Our son learned academics, but just as importantly, learned age appropriate life and social emotional skills. Rachel knew who he was, knew his strengths and weaknesses and taught to both. He entered first grade more than prepared in every way! We are so grateful for our years at Sunflower and our friendship with Rachel and would highly recommend it to everyone looking for quality early childhood education.

Michah & Matt B. (Zeke)